10 useful news aggregator apps

  1. Prismatic

For: iPhone

One of the latest reading apps. It probably has the best design of any iPhone app of this order. The interface is simple and impressive in that whatever material you read, it will be accompanied by the latest excerpts from Twitter on that topic. That way you can find out what people are thinking. The app answers a lot of queries: by your interests, by your location, by your subscription. Prismatic is a good handy service, but for now it is only available for the iPhone, although there is a version for Facebook, you can try working with it there.

Use if: you travel a lot and are interested in local and international content.

  1. flipboard.

For: iPhone, Android, iPad

A very stylish magazine that looks even better on tablets than on a smartphone. The app makes the reading experience as stylish as possible. Integrates all social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram. The latest version of the app also allows you to watch videos.

Use if: you prefer style and beauty in the presentation of news

  1. zite

For: iPhone, iPad, Android

«Zite’s Smart Journal. The more you use it, the smarter it gets. That is, if you like articles about new technology, the app remembers this and will make a selection of materials given your preferences. Taking into account the type of article, its key features, and how it is distributed online. The app adapts content to your reading habits.

Use if: most of the time you are browsing through several publications and need some clever way to find new content and go deeper into a topic.

  1. google currents.

For: iPhone, Android, iPad

Google’s official «reader» is very close to the golden mean between stylish and practical. As with all of the company’s products, there is a synchronization of user accounts. The app recommends a wide range of sites that you can subscribe to and group them together using the appropriate icons. Thanks to the icons, you can easily go to your favorite sites and see what’s new there. The app is also available when you’re offline.

Use if: you like to read point and simple.

  1. Feeddler RSS.

For: iPhone, iPad.

This is actually the same version of Google Readers (RSS reader for those who view a lot of publications), designed for those who move around a lot and are on the go all the time. Very similar to the previous app. Plus it has a manual night mode, very effective if you want to read a lot and not run out of battery.

Use if: you think everything in Google Readers is perfect.

  1. Pulse .

For: iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire

It’s something between Flipboard and Google Currents, the app organizes stories by preview pictures. Looks very attractive interface, collects a large number of sources. Gets content as a result of a search.

Use if: you are an active tablet user and like to glance through the news during the day.

  1. NetNewsWire.

For: iPhone, iPad, Mac

Although the app isn’t as «aesthetically pleasing» as the others on this list. NetNewsWire prides itself on its simplicity, efficiency and the app’s size of just 1 MB. Its main function is to sync with Google Readers, and if you have an account there, it will work magic. If it’s not so important to you how pretty everything is, but your content in Google Readers is important, then you will find this app very useful.

Use it if: you don’t have enough space and need something light in volume.

  1. News360

For: iPhone, Android

The app separates itself from other aggregators in that its interface is divided into two screens. On the top you can see a selection of articles. And at the bottom is the publication you’re reading. The idea is that while you’re reading, you can see what new content is coming out on the same topic. The app also keeps track of topics you’ve written about on social media and gives you material related to them in a sampling.

Minus: there are issues with setting up a channel.

Use if: you only need to get news in parts.

  1. Feedly .

For: iPhone, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Instead of giving you a massive, long list of publications, the app arranges the information into manageable blocks. And although the service offers its own selection of publications, the main newsfeed goes to everything from your Google Reader account. That way, if you organize everything you subscribe to by subheadings, you’ll have the latest news in a preview of the folder. The design is in the style of absolute minimalism plus quick news updates. Another point worth noting is that the new beta version of Feedly will be out as early as September 10, so if you want to use this app, it’s worth waiting until its release.

Use if: you have your subheadings set up well in Google Reader.


For: iPhone, iPad, Android, Web, Blackberry, Nook, Kindle

Just an amazing app. Not only does it work on different platforms, but it also offers a great range of customization. It organizes its feeds as a news feed and also collects updates from Facebook and Twitter. Thus is a massive hub in two areas: news and social media.

Use if: you want both news and social media updates in one place.


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