The best news app for Android. «I want to know everything» – the choice of the best news app for Android

We all read the news, follow events in one area or another. With mobile devices (whether smartphone or tablet) it is easier and easier than ever. However, you need separate apps that give you access to all the sites and aggregate their news streams in an easy-to-view and read form.


Today we’re going to look at five of the best and perhaps most popular news-reading apps.


Russia’s largest aggregator of news – more than 400 (the biggest catalog!) Russian-language media, blogs and social groups in one application (you can add your own). The desired article is opened with a click, navigation is extremely simple, and editors always delight you with a fresh selection of the most interesting materials. It comes out on iOS, Android and the web, all in sync.


Flipboard app

The world’s best application for reading news – tens of millions of users, hundreds of thousands of magazines, unique design, the best «publishers» (Esquire, Rolling Stones, National Geographic), the Russian section. Unfortunately, Russian sources in it are still very limited, so it is more suitable for monitoring foreign sites. On the other hand, you can really spend hours on page turning in it.



A unique narrowly focused news aggregator, devoted to mobile applications, devices and technologies (Apps4All is included in it) from the company with the same name. All news are collected in a convenient feed, which, however, cannot be extended on your own – all sites are registered in the application «by default». The enthusiasm of the developers of the application is very nice – they are constantly updating and improving the application making it even better.


Feedly app

Feedly is a news aggregator that once replaced Google Reader. «Feedly is what you needly» uses RSS to aggregate content from sites and blogs, offering you content on your area of interest.


Board app.

Social media aggregator from MobiGear. The application allows you to read news from all Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and VKontakte accounts in one common feed, as well as to make entries from one application to all networks at once or to each one separately. Plus, 1board lets you comment on posts in any of the social networks and like the posts you like. Users can use 1board to share messages from one social network to another – for example, from Facebook to Twitter or VKontakte and vice versa.

Staying up to date with the latest news is easy – you can watch TV programs, maybe listen to special radio stations or read local newspapers, but it’s even easier to know about what’s happening not only in your city, but also in the world with the handy mobile news apps available in large numbers. Today we decided to cover this topic and we present you the TOP best news reader applications for iOS operating system.

As you know, the Apple App Store has a very thorough check and moderation of all applications for iPhone and iPad. We took this factor into account, so this time presented in our branded TOP applications were selected by rating and indicators, generally based on user reviews of the applications. I think you will appreciate our work and the work of the developers. Let’s begin.

In our top picks today:

  • Rambler.News;
  • News Republic;
  • Mail.Ru News & Weather;
  • Google News & Weather;
  • Anews: news and blogs;
  • Rambler.Novosti.

Surprisingly, the famous media company Rambler introduced a branded news app for iOS just recently. The surprising thing here is that in the App Store service Rambler.News is already in first place in the rating – almost half a thousand users have put 5 stars on this application and left positive feedback. That’s why we start our TOP with it.

Traditionally for all news applications, when launching the service from Rambler will ask you for access to your current location. When you agree, the service’s home page with the latest top local news instantly opens to you. The news feed is pretty handy: there is a news cover, its headline, data on the latest update, and a button to place a particular news item in your bookmarks. On the 4-inch screen of my iPod Touch, the main Rambler.News page doesn’t look quite compact – the news cards take up almost half the space, but for the latest iPhone I don’t think that will be a problem.

There is also a page in the menu with all the news. This screen provides the user, obviously, with news from various headings and categories of topics. So you can read all the news on one page: news in Moscow, articles, celebrity news, incidents, world news or business news. By the way, the interface is more compact here: the page fits 4 news cards. Well, in case anyone is interested.

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